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Prediction of peptide binding sites on protein surfaces

Protein-peptide interactions are a vital part of many cellular signaling pathways (e.g., RTK signaling) and other cellular processes (e.g., endocytosis). A detailed view of such interactions enables a mechanistic description of how cell networks are regulated.

PepSite can predict binding of a given peptide onto a protein structure, enabling users to better understand the details of the interaction of interest. PepSite 2 is a complete rewrite of the original software and can generate results in seconds instead of minutes or even hours. (The original server is still available.)

When using PepSite 2, please cite:

PepSite: prediction of peptide-binding sites from protein surfaces.
Trabuco LG, Lise S, Petsalaki E, and Russell RB.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2012; 40(Web Server issue):W423-426.

Original PepSite reference:

Accurate prediction of peptide binding sites on protein surfaces.
Petsalaki E, Stark A, García-Urdiales E, and Russell RB.
PLoS Comput Biol. 2009 Mar;5(3):e1000335.